Tuesday, April 28, 2009

All of the above.

A. Stressed

B. Exhausted

C. Emotional

D. On the edge

C. Ready to throw in the towel and just walk away.

Yes, I am all of the above. My husband leaves in just a week for Iraq and our last few days are filled with the stress and strain of moving and cleaning the house "white glove style."

It's annoying and I'm just down right tired of doing it all.


Michelle said...

I just came across your blog tonight...I can identify! My husband is also AF and just deployed for a year. We left NM right before Christmas...drove cross country to MD (where the kids and I moved in with my mom), he went to NJ for a month of training, we saw him for 4 days after that, then he deployed.

It was so very stressful during that move and deciding what goes in storage for a year, what went with us, what was shipped etc...aaw those joys of a military move LOL

I'm sorry your husband will be leaving shortly and the last few days are spent dealing w/a move (how long will he be deployed for?)

Sending you some prayers!

Stina said...

Hi! I found your blog through HWW on April's blog. :) Lots of love and prayers for you! It is never a calm few days before they leave, is it? It always has to be chaotic and rushed with a bazillion things and the next thing you know you are dropping them off and saying good-bye.

My husband left in Nov for 18months for school and a deployment. To say it has been a 'trial' would definitely be putting it lightly (as you most certainly know!!). We have two little girls (one 3year old who is heartbroken and a one year old who was leary of Daddy when we got to see him for a couple days last week...which breaks my heart!) and they are definitely what keep me going. Hang in there and know we are thinking of you! I'm sure you have tons of support...but feel free to write me anytime for any reason. :)