Thursday, February 19, 2009

Crazy morning and my sweet little chunka-chunka!

She's just so stinkin' cute! Oh, and she has a new word.
Today we were having one of those crazy, running late kind of mornings. I woke up 45 minutes later than I needed to, had promised a friend I'd take her son to school, needed to clean my house for a friend who was coming into town, and oh kids wanted breakfast. So, what did I feed them? Good ole' nutritious powered donuts. Yep--that was their breakfast and they loved every minute of it!

Anyways, so lately Milee has become a VERY good eater. I sometimes wonder if she would just continue eating as long as I kept putting food in front of her. Well, this morning she too, got to try donuts for the first time. (I know that is so awful to feed my 1 yr old powered sugar donuts) After eating 4 of them-yes they are the small ones-I told her that she had had enough. She looks up at me, then points over toward the donut package and YELLS "Moh, Momma"!! (more, momma) She was not full and she wanted me to know! Gosh, got to love the sweet little chunka-chunka!!

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