Friday, March 27, 2009

Back where I come from...

The kids and I just got home from a much needed vacation in Texas! Back where I'm from...thats what you call country. Horses, acres of land to run and play on, bbq, backyard campfires with hot dogs and smores, warm sunshine, four wheelers, and much more. It's where you know all about everyone and they know all about you. I actually really enjoy being at home but am not quite used to that lifestyle anymore. The boys on the otherhand...they love it!! Grampy, always drags out the old toys and they play for hours in the dirt and grass. Enjoying toys that my sister and I enjoyed many, many years ago. Grammy, bought them a new four wheeler just their size so they spent many hours riding around and trying new "tricks" on it. Needless to say, they were worn out every night!! Milee, well she just enjoyed all the attention and lovin' she got there. My kids are so very spoiled! I enjoyed seeing my parents, my grandpa, spending the night with my Granny and chatting at old times till 1 in the morning, being in the warm sun, laughing with my sister (and complaining too), taking pictures at my aunts wedding, and seeing family that I hadn't seen in years. Good times!

It felt really good to get home at the same time. I missed my house, my bed, and my honey! He even surprised me with a clean house when I got home. Nice, huh?! I guess he was really bored while we were gone!!

More pictures to come soon!

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