Sunday, July 12, 2009

Urgent Prayer Request

A little girl "M" needs our prayers right now. I just got news from a friend that another friend "C's" little girl is in critical condition. I don't know the full story but here is what I know.

"M" is around a year old and just started walking. She was in the kitchen and "C" heard a thump. She just assumed it was her slamming the cabinet doors something she likes to do. When C walked into the kitchen her daughter was having a seizure. They aren't sure if she fell and hit her head causing this or if she started seizing and fell.

Anyways, she was care-flighted from our small town to Children's Hospital in Dallas. As of right now she is in a coma and on a breathing machine.

This little girl and her family desperately needs our prayers. Please pray and pass this along!

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