Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Not me Monday

or Wednesday, really.

Wow, it has really been one of THOSE days. If I had no clue what today was but had to guess, I would totally go with Monday.

You know how Monday's are always crazy, hectic, everything falls apart kind of days. Well, that was my today (Wednesday).

It was me who started off the day pretty good. We got up, ate breakfast, and I started getting everyone ready to go to Tyler. I wanted to get the kids a 4th of July outfit and my mom needed a few things for the pool deck. So, off we go...

It wasn't me though who decided shopping with 3 kids would be easy. After all, I had my mom with me. Only to do more chasing, calming, bribing then I did shopping.

It wasn't me who then remembered after we were there (a good hour away) that I had promised my hubby that I would be on Skype to video chat with him today. It wasn't me who left my poor hubby waiting for almost an hour.

It wasn't me who was chasing my son down the street because his Grammy left and he wanted to go with her. Nope, that wasn't me or my son for that matter.

It wasn't me who left my phone (2nd one since I got here last month) in my daughter's reach. The phone that she decided to drop in the toilet. Yep, the toilet. It wasn't me who got upset with her when really it was my fault for leaving it down where she could get ahold of it.

It wasn't me who burst into tears and cried for the first 10 minutes while I was video chatting with my husband. My husband who therefore had thought I had lost my mind. {maybe I have}

It isn't me who is just ready to call it a day at 7 o'clock just so maybe I can wake up to a better day tomorrow.

Nope not me!

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